Our clients

Uniquely personal visions of the future

Blue Oak clients include Bay Area engineers, authors, homemakers, attorneys, professors, venture capitalists, physicians, art collectors, executives, designers, and world adventurers.

Most clients reside within 50 miles of our Menlo Park office. Each has a unique vision of where he or she wants to go and has a focus on things other than structuring investment strategies and daily portfolio upkeep. That’s where we can help.

For a Silicon Valley company founder, we implemented an investment strategy specifically oriented to diversify newly created wealth resulting from the public offering of his shares.

For a surviving partner in a relationship where "the husband took care of all of the money" we provided not just the management and organization of her new portfolio, but the comfort of an education on what she needed to know.

For a senior executive wondering if she could afford a transition to part-time consulting, we provided comprehensive financial planning to map the steps required to meet her objective.

We are committed to you. At Blue Oak, helping you realize your vision is our passion